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Technique 2 classes are for advanced students.

Director approval is required to register.  


This classical form of artistic expression is the foundation

of all dance disciplines. Classes are instructed primarily

in the French method. Body placement, turn-out and

direction are stressed in addition to proper French

terminology and pronunciation. All classes include barre

work, center practice, floor progression and reverence

accompanied by classical music.


Progression to hard boxed shoes is available to students with a minimum of four consecutive years of Ballet training and teacher recommendation. Female students must have strong muscular and skeletal development to support themselves on pointe shoes. Students must take Ballet in addition to Pointe.  

This class focuses on mastery of  steps and rhythms.  Intricate footwork and syncopated rhythms are learned as the class advances. Musicality is stressed through timing and weight transfer.

Classic Jazz technique is refined by working on kicks, leaps, turns, jumps and center combinations. Students are exposed to different Jazz styles including Broadway, Commercial, Character, Fosse, Musical Theater, Luigi and Funk.  

Hip Hop
Cutting-edge moves are taught in an age-appropriate manner to family-friendly music. A Jazz or Ballet class must be taken in conjunction with Hip Hop.


Leaps, Turns and Technique

This class will focus on improving leaps, jumps and turns.  Students will work on strength and mechanics for executing advanced turning sequences and explosive leap variations.  Attention will be given to proper alignment, technique and injury prevention.  This technique class does not perform in our annual show.  


This class is a fusion of traditional Modern disciplines and current Contemporary styles.  The combined class will use a whole body approach to allow freedom of expression. Dancers will learn how levels of movement, use of space, gravity, breathing and the weight of the body affect the physical dynamics of dance motion.  Flexibility, balance, control, improvisation and emotion will be explored through exercises and choreography.  A Jazz or Ballet class must be taken in addition to this class.  

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